adv. kadar, olarak, gibi, iken
conj. ki; madem; olduğu gibi, diği gibi, iken, irken; karşın, rağmen; mademki
n. gibi
* * *
1. de (ýf.) 2. olarak (prep.)
* * *
[æz] 1. conjunction
1) (when; while: I met John as I was coming home; We'll be able to talk as we go.) (yapar)ken
2) (because: As I am leaving tomorrow, I've bought you a present.) çünkü, ...-diği için
3) (in the same way that: If you are not sure how to behave, do as I do.) ...-diği gibi
4) (used to introduce a statement of what the speaker knows or believes to be the case: As you know, I'll be leaving tomorrow.) ...gibi, üzere
5) (though: Old as I am, I can still fight; Much as I want to, I cannot go.) ...-diği hâlde, rağmen
6) (used to refer to something which has already been stated and apply it to another person: Tom is English, as are Dick and Harry.) ...-diği gibi
2. adverb
(used in comparisons, eg the first as in the following example: The bread was as hard as a brick.) kadar
3. preposition
1) (used in comparisons, eg the second as in the following example: The bread was as hard as a brick.) kadar
2) (like: He was dressed as a woman.) gibi
3) (with certain verbs eg regard, treat, describe, accept: I am regarded by some people as a bit of a fool; He treats the children as adults.) olarak
4) (in the position of: He is greatly respected both as a person and as a politician.) olarak
- as if / as though
- as to

English-Turkish dictionary. 2013.


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